Expedition 2019:
Cambodia and Mexico

Alex, Jack, and Mark McClellan are seeking your help to build schools in Mexico and Cambodia. We are raising funds to help cover travel costs and building materials.

Building Schools

This summer Jack, Alex, and their dad (Mark) are going on service expeditions with Humanitarian Experience for Youth (HEFY)! Jack will be traveling to Mérida, Mexico while Alex and Mark will be traveling to Siem Reap, Cambodia; the three of us will be building schools.

This is a service trip. While we will have weekend sightseeing opportunities our primary focus will be working hard to build structures that will be used for years to come while getting to know the people, language, and culture of our host countries. We will join a group of youth and adult volunteers that will labor under the direction of local builders and representatives, building schools for the benefit of the children of these two communities.

You Can Help

We are seeking donations to help cover the $9,000+ of combined cost for the three of us to take part in this humanitarian effort. All volunteers must pay to cover the cost of their travel, food and lodging expenses, and an overall contribution toward the construction materials required for their projects.

Any donation amount, large or small, will help. Consider that a $10 donation covers the average cost for a bag of cement. Your donation buys it, we’ll lift it, mix it, pour it, seal it, and maybe even paint it!

How to Donate

Donate directly to HEFY
Donations made directly to HEFY are tax deductible!

Donate to directly to Jack, Alex, or Mark
This method is not tax deductible but if that’s not important to you then we’ll be able to thank you profusely to your face as you hand us cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, etc. We are willing to work for it. What do you need? Hit us up.

Thank you in advance for helping the three of us make a difference in the lives of the beautiful people of Mexico and Cambodia!